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April 18, 2019, 09:16:26 pm
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 on: December 16, 2011, 02:34:25 pm 
Started by Coffeenole - Last post by DeJaVue

Just checking in to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas time!

 on: September 29, 2011, 03:52:57 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, just sharing

the goblin sits in the bistro again, readying his brain for "take off" that is, "...ah, just a little more imagination and I will be out of here in my own world once more...", though meanwhile he just looks at the group of middle aged men chatting and drinking away next to him, dismissing them as somewhat old school,  "...ah now, there, but for the grace of this Internet, goes me then..." he types into the slot observing them still, while the white wine remains ever their preferred medium of escape it seemed, adding "...their choice I know, and perhaps it's the same escape we all seek too, our escape from dailylife, though tomorrow they'll just be back here once more, while I'll be editing this portrayal of them I guess, this is, of their drowning in their drinks only to be flung back onto some shore of sobriety afterwards in some senseless repetition, at the same altar again, that same ritual, with exactly the same result...", not that this shore of sobriety was very forgiving for that matter, for what did it ever offer one instead now "...and what does this life owes anyone anyway..."asked the goblin once more as he slipped away onto the Internet now

76 867 32331

 on: September 14, 2011, 04:23:35 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, an american "last post" thread

"..still making me think xxxxx..." said the goblin loving it, adding "...but what if there were a slippery slope here, where it simply starts off as something innocent enough and then descends as something more sinister...", of course the goblin was now thinking about the swiss in their "no" vote, thus banning minarets from being built here, "...for example, what if some forum on forumland were to first throw out all the trolls, then to move to those who use bad language, then from there those who posted nudity in any form, on to the those whose opinion are too radical, etc., until only the admin and his clones remained, in short what a "narrow minded" forum it would then become then, albeit one that might well have reached those aims though a consensus, perhaps though democratic means even...", simply the goblin was thinking back, to how enticing those same sick messages must have been, to mr jo average, faced with the twin burdens, of a hyper inflation on the one hand, and political impotence on the other, during the pre war depression years, "...well, lets pray then that this minaret vote here, was just a "one off" then, or conversely let's worry about who might be next then..."

76 866 32328

 on: September 05, 2011, 04:40:54 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, the lupus forum's last post thread

Lupusbot is back! Pain is still hanging around but it needs to go away...perhaps if I quit over using it on this keyboard might help! I'm so glad you didn't forget this board. I'm bringing everyone back here from xxxxx website as they will start charging in July.. Now I'm last.. I won!

"...yes you did too, but do not win for my sake, come whenever, post whatever, as I really wouldn't have it any other way now..." replied the goblin, adding "...you see, this thread is only meant for real winners, and what I mean by "winning" is just not giving up, nor or giving in, to one's dailylife here...", so the goblin knew that if he posted to please xxxxx, it would be so fake that he would just fail, no, he too was on his journey to self here, saying "...elsewhere I am either a livewriter or just a troll depending on who reads me, oh but here I am just your friend now, win through this I will be here when you post now, and here when you don't..."

76 865 32325

 on: August 28, 2011, 04:18:43 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

"...funny how in writing that other post about the artificial christmas tree that I put up each year, those bittersweet memories of past christmases just crossed my mind again, of people gone, houses lost, and other cherished memories..." mentioned the goblin at it, adding "...and I remember too, my grandmother saying how she hated dreaming at night because when she woke up she was blind again, well it's something like that I suppose, but this growing old is about being brave isn't it, and besides, with christmas, occasionally it's good to "look back" isn't it, yes, but then, more importantly perhaps, one should still "look on" too, for who knows how often one will be able to "look forward" now...", and one day then, the goblin would just join his fellow ghosts he imagined, simply he knew he belonged to them eventually, "...same journey's end for us all..." said the goblin in passing one more time

75 864 32292

 on: August 22, 2011, 05:32:32 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, an american "last post" thread

another week another monday another day another time another place another me

"...no, never another "me" then, I'm the only constant throughout, everything else passes, but I only pass once..." mentioned the goblin at it

74 863 32278

 on: August 02, 2011, 12:14:46 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, just sharing

The last person to post here wins a bottle of wine, a cuddly toy and a selection box for having the patience to read through all these pages dedicated to goblins. Merry Christmas.

"...well yes, I suppose that's marginally better than the television, the sofa and a six pack now..." replied the goblin as if knowing that this thread will be very much longer when it does end, adding "...besides, you humans are too curious for your own good, and then there's your greed too, that underlying wish for your self expression here, exhibitionism even, so no, the real question is who can resist for long something like this, something as tempting as the chance to shine on forumland in a way that perhaps one doesn't in dailylife..."

174 862  32269

 on: July 21, 2011, 09:49:46 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by Coffeenole

 on: July 14, 2011, 08:23:56 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
reposted from elsewhere, just sharing

I spy a goblin. In my catmint induced space ... for I am afterall only a cat .... my nose twitches .. I smell decaff coffee ... dear, sweet little goblin, fear not that it is poison ... like as not it is just regular branded coffee full of dangerous and harmful additives...made by humans...for humans .. and in their infinite kindness no longer tested on animals (or indeed dear goblins) .. but tested on themselves.

"...so now my feline friend, would you have me drink some non poisonous coffee here, so that I would live a little longer by it..." asked the goblin, breaking off for a moment to ask the girl at the counter for yet another cup, then adding "...ah, but the point of life is not longevity, no, the point of this life, if there has be one that is, is to grow ever more aware of it...", while outside the bistro, the winter's rain fell intermittently throughout the goblin's day off, "...well perhaps not then, no perhaps today we can delve into some inner awareness instead...", yet the rain was not amused by the goblin's comment, nor perturbed by the goblin's opinion on this matter either, it just rained as it must

74 860 32261

 on: June 13, 2011, 12:47:23 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, just sharing

Most people prefer how I look without make-up but it doesn't really help when you're as vain as I am.  Plus, I'm a make-up student...

"...look, I'm really sorry, I just thought you were normal now, and therefore somehow needed to know how much a women's proximity is so much more important to a man than how she actually looks..." mentioned the goblin at it, adding "...in fact, it's rather simple, given the choice then, most men will opt for the one woman that is entirely wrong for them, simply that "fatal attraction" is probably called fatal because it is..."

75 859 32256

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